How I work

We all experience times of crisis, confusion or distress in our lives. Sometimes things slowly come to a head, sometimes they are quite unforeseen. At these times talking to friends or family is often useful. When this isn’t possible or isn’t helpful, counselling or psychotherapy can help.

Central Park Winter Willow

Central Park – Winter Willow

My work with clients over the years has taught me that all sorts of things contribute to periods of difficulty in our lives, both recent events, and current stressors and behaviours, alongside past events that continue to shape our thinking and behaviour and evoke our emotions. Fortunately this also means that all sorts of things can help us overcome these difficulties too.

Sometimes simply being listened to in a respectful , non-judgemental way is what’s most important, providing the opportunity to express an untold story held within, or release you from feeling alone with painful or confusing thoughts and feelings.

At other times practical changes to your lifestyle, behaviour or thoughts can offer some immediate relief from difficulties.

Central Park Summer Willow

Central Park – Summer Willow

Talking together can also offer fresh and sometimes challenging perspectives helping you make sense of things, find solutions to immediate problems and get to the root of what is troubling you.

Of course, whether we are aware of it or not, we are profoundly shaped by our life’s experiences and relationships, particularly those in our childhood. This means that our current behaviours, thoughts and feelings will often have their roots in our past. Through working together we can find ways both to help you cope and resolve immediate difficulties and uncover the links between your past and present experience. This will give you a deeper understanding of what you are feeling and why, broaden your sense of who you are, and enable you to make effective, positive and lasting change.